Mmm … Cookies!

What Is a Cookie?

Besides being one of my favorite treats, a cookie is a small text file that a website might save on your computer. Cookies are often used to provide visitors access to various functions (such as ordering a product). The information in a cookie can also be used for statistical purposes.


In accordance with the Electronic Communications Act, all visitors of a website using cookies are to receive information:

  • that the website uses cookies
  • on the purpose of the cookies
  • on how cookies can be avoided

Persuadeo’s Policy

Persuadeo uses Google Analytics to improve this website for users by understanding how they find this website and which information they find interesting.

Google Analytics generates cookies that identify each browser used to visit this website. Note that the information stored in these cookies is not used to identify you personally.

Any information collected through this website is not shared with outside parties. This includes the information gathered in Google Analytics and also the information you choose to submit by using this contact form where you can tell us about your project.

If you do not want to allow cookies, you can change your browser’s settings. You can also install a browser add-on to disable tracking by Google Analytics.

Accepting or Blocking Cookies

You can choose whether to accept cookies. Many web browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies, but it is possible to change the settings so that they block cookies. Keep in mind that some websites do not function properly if cookies are blocked. You can delete cookies using your browser. Google it if you need help!

Disabling Google Analytics

If you do not want to be tracked by Google Analytics, install this browser add-on. Note that this will disable Google Analytics tracking for all websites that you visit.